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An early pioneer in the maca superfood industry, Herbs America's Maca Magic brand name is now recognized as a leader in organic raw maca root and maca root product distribution and sales.

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The quality of our products reflect the dedication and experience of our company: Our team of experts oversee the complete process of maca cultivation and distribution with pride; beginning with our growers in the highlands of Peru's Magic Valleys, getting the root to our processing plants, and then all the way to market...

The root of kings...

"FEEL THE POWER OF THE INCA" more than a reference to the good feeling you get from eating Maca Magic products... it is in honor of the agrarian clans that inhabit the Andean highlands today, centuries ago, and centuries from now.

MACA MAGIC IS organically grown pure Lepidium peruvianum, a rare, bio-active food crop developed and used by the Incas of Peru for over 3,000 years!


Doctors love maca!
Prominent doctors are speaking out about Maca:

Discover its many attributes!



Nutrients Galore!
A single maca magic root contains almost 60 phyto-nutrients:

Analysis reveals a complex profile of amino acids, minerals, sterols, and fatty acids.


Lets talk about Maca!
A rare and powerful member of the radish family:

Maca F.A.Q's, a bulletin board, how to use tips, recipes, news, stories, etc.



Fresh Harvests!
Our growers are our work mates, our family, our friends:

Honoring tradition, adhering to quality, bursting with pride...


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